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Free YouTube Download Convert

How to Convert YouTube to MP4


Step 1: Choose Download Wizard Mode

Step 2: Paste URL & Select Download Settings

Step 3: Start Download

Step 4: Input Downloaded Files

Step 5: Choose Output Settings

Step 6: Start conversion


Many people share their wonderful video clips on YouTube, but videos have to be converted to the supported format first. Meanwhile, YouTube videos can be viewed on computers or portable devices connected to the internet, but you may want to watch them when you are not near an internet connection, like on a bus or a train? Then you need to convert YouTube to MP4 to enjoy with your pad or mobile players. Download and install Free YouTube Download Convert and then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Choose Download Wizard Mode

Launch Free YouTube Download Convert. There are two options at start. Choose "Download video from YouTube" mode (If you want to convert local video files, choose "Convert audio/video (previously downloaded) from file").

Choose Download Wizard Mode

Step 2: Paste URL & Select Download Settings

Copy some available YouTube video page URLs and click "Paste" to paste them to the "Input URLs" section. Then, you can check "Prefer YouTube high quality" and click "Config..." to set preferred quality to download. Click "Select..." to choose download folder. Click "Download" to start the download.

Paste URL & Select Download Settings

Step 3: Start Download

After you click "Download" and the program will detect the URL you paste to find the real download link. Within few seconds, the name of the video will be displayed and the download is started. You can see the file info, downloading speed, time estimation and a progress bar.

Start Download

Step 4: Input Downloaded Files

When the download is finished, you can see a brief task report and an "Open folder" button to directly open the download folder. Click the "Convert the downloaded file(s) now!" button below to add the downloaded videos to the conversion list.

Input Download Files

You are allowed to add more videos to the list by "Add Video..." button. You can remove any or all of the imported videos with the "Delete" & "Clear" button and queue the files by "Move Up" or "Move Down" button or by dragging the listed videos.

Add Video

Step 5: Choose Output Settings

Click "Select..." to choose output folder. Click "Video" tag and specify output format by "To MP4" (There are two tags "Video" and "Audio", containing various supported formats). Then, if more precise output quality is required, it also provides many format presets for adjustment. Click "Convert" to start conversion.

Choose Output Settings

Step 6: Start Conversion

After you click "Convert" and within few seconds, you can see the progress percentage and some other info like the time estimation data and a progress bar. There are also post-process options to choose (Auto play a sound or shutdown the computer after conversion).

Start Conversion

When the conversion is finished, a brief task report will be displayed. Click the "Open folder" to directly open the output folder in case you don't know where your output file is saved.

Open folder

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Download Free YouTube Download Convert software
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Free YouTube Downloader is a free tool that downloads and converts videos from YouTube. Free YouTube Downloader allows you to easily grab and save desired YouTube video to your local disc. Just paste the URL of a video into the program and click "Download". Free YouTube Downloader is completely FREEWARE. Download Free YouTube Downloader now and get start to download your favorite videos from YouTube.

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