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Free 3GP Video Convert Wizard

Mobile Video is Becoming More and More Popular

Mobile video usage has taken off mobile broadband networks, 3G, etc. Combined with access to mobile devices like the iPhone, Palm, and other mobile devices capable of mobile video playback, mobile video proliferation has grown to new heights and continues to grow.

Mobile video has become an important part of the news. When an event happens you can be assured that somebody or multiple people will be recording it on their phone. The video will be viewed and then very likely be downloaded to sites like YouTube or one of the major news organizations. This sharing of video is becoming more and more prevalent.

A new service that has been becoming popular among mobile video devotees is 3GP mobile videos. These are typically a totally free download. Many artists will record and disseminate these short videos. It is a cheap and easy way for them to get their name out in public and acquire free advertising.

It wasn't too long ago that ringtones were one of the largest downloads on the internet. Today ringtones have been surpassed by the download of mobile videos. To meet the demand of people wanting to download the many subject areas available for video on a portable device many new sites have appeared on the internet. These sites have either offer the always popular free download or charge a very minimal fee for their available downloads.

There are many other applications that employ mobile video other than the cell phone. Mobile video systems are found in cars where they are being used for TV watching and game playing. They are also employed as a part of the GPS gear that most of us now use.

Mobile video is becoming more and more popular. In a few years this technology will become a large part of just about everybody's day to day life. We will wonder how we ever got along without it.

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Free 3GP Video Convert Wizard supports almost all video formats. You can convert them into 3GP video, including AVI, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MP4, VOB, MOV, RM, RMVB, FLV, SWF etc. The output video formats include 3GP, MPEG4 and AVI; the audio output formats include WAV and MP3. You can adjust the video size, quality, frame rate, audio bit rate, frequency and channel with many well configured presets.

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